Vegetables can be nutritious, delicious and colorful. They naturally have low levels of sodium, calories and fat however they are packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.There are no cholesterol-rich vegetables. You can substitute higher-calorie and/or fat foods by increasing your consumption of vegetables.

Vitamins A and C are plentiful in vegetables. Vitamin A can be located in the following vegetable: sweet potatoes, carrots, and the green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C can be found in peppers, and tomatoes and potatoes. Other vitamins present in the vegetables are folic aid, niacin, thiamine, vitamin B-6, calcium, potassium and fiber. Overcooking can cause the vegetable to lose its color, crispness, and other nutrients. To keep up the best nutrition value of your vegetables, keep in mind the three R’s to cooking your vegetables:

Reduce your water consumption

Reduce the cooking time

Reduce the amount of exposed surface by limiting cutting, paring and shredding

Vegetables serve many reasons, including helping lower whole food veggie greens vitamins  cholesterol levels, protect against diseases such as heart and cancer, aid in digestion and help you stay full longer. Vegetables can be very filling, and can assist you in losing weight while still allowing you to enjoy a healthy diet.

There are numerous methods to sneakily incorporate vegetables into your diet

Add broccoli or peas to macaroni and cheese even though they’re noticeable, most people don’t want to add them.

Make use of your food processor to make spaghetti and meatballs.

Pizza can be made the same way. Simply puree vegetables into the sauce

You can make mashed potatoes even more delicious by adding cooked cauliflower

In your cooking you can substitute vegetable broth instead of beef or chicken broth.

Use vegetable broth to cook pasta, rice, or even potatoes in lieu of water.

Mix in zucchini when baking items such as muffins, bread brownies, cakes, and brownies.

In cake batters, apple sauce can be used in place of oil

The pumpkin is both a fruit and vegetable as well as a delicious dessert

Casseroles made of meat Whole wheat pasta, whole wheat pasta, or brown rice are suitable for chopped vegetables.

Chicken and broccoli with cheese and mushroom soup is very well-loved

Vegetables play a vital element in a well-balanced healthy diet. The fiber, vitamins and nutrients they provide are vital. Supplements are available, however, they are not as high in nutrients that the actual vegetable can provide. While vegetables are often hidden in many food items, some vegetables are not recommended for consumption. Both adults and children should know that vegetables are healthy and delicious.

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