Illuminate a White Couch With Contemporary Decorative Pillows

A plain white couch, though extremely elegant and graceful, can come off as being quite simple, and at times, a bit boring. It can make a room appear to be dull and dreary. Instead of buying a new couch, you can brighten up your living room with contemporary decorative pillows instead. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give your room an instant makeover just by the use of these pillows? Here’s how you can add a variety of looks to your living area by using one white couch and a set of different throw pillows:

Add a Blend of Texture for an Unusual Appeal

A white couch with cream colored throw pillows is an exquisitely pure look, but adding a blend of textures can visually enhance the couch to make it appear more interesting. Add some luxury to this simplicity with pleated and frilly off-white pillows or throw in some fuzzy, custom vinyl stickers fluffy creams to give away that comfy and cozy invitation to all who choose to relax on your sofa. You custom throw pillows can also choose to go in the traditional direction by adding cream colored tassel pillows.

Pair Up Solids with a Hint of Patterns

Pairing up solid colors with patterned throw pillows on a white sofa is an excellent idea if you want to achieve a clean and precise look. Solids can be either plain or feathery throws, and patterns like graphics, embroidery, or whatever you prefer, can be added to them to display a look that is both bold and clean.

Add Some Complementing Contrast

Break up the all-white look by adding a sea of color to contrast with the white of the couch. Since the sofa in question is white, pretty much any color will complement it by adding contrasting shades. Add a splash of gold throw pillows or make opposites attract by adding black and white striped pillows onto a bed of white cushioned softness. Be bold and beautiful and add some geometry to that white couch with geometric designs.

Transform a Couch with a Theme

Make your couch look brand new with different themes of accent pillows for sofas. A nautical theme surrounding shells, anchors, weeds, and creatures of the sea can make you feel as if you’ve just entered the sea world instead of your living room. Plus, this theme on a white backdrop of the sofa, will instantly add brightness and vigor to the couch.

Be Interesting With a Variety of Shapes

Throw pillows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so slip out of being ordinary with those square shapes and throw in a bolster, toss over some rectangles and rounds, and automatically make your sofa look like the most interesting thing in the room!

Add a Breeze of Summer with Some Pastels

Toss in some floral and pastel throw pillows onto your couch to make your room a light and airy haven in the heat of summer, all the while giving it a cool and calm aura.

There is no limit to finding unique ways to arrange and display throw pillows, and these beautiful accents can transform a white couch in a variety of different ways, making your living room feel as if it has just gone through a major decorative change.


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